Quality, experience,

commitment and client trust.

ASDI provides high-end specialty design services to companies that develop themed attractions.

The principals of ASDI have been in the themed entertainment design industry a long time, and as the industry has changed we needed to evolve the way all of us work. Through our expertise in all aspects of design and delivery of the highest-end themed attractions, we help major companies as contractors and consultants, as collaborators, as staff extension, and by taking on contracted deliverables.

ASDI is set up to facilitate work for ourselves and our expanding network. We understand that it is just as hard for companies to find the right people as it is for the right people to get opportunities to work in the industry. 

Beyond our work we have a mission to bring in new talent, be they recent graduates or talented individuals from peripheral industries, and to train them to be attraction designers and leaders in entertainment design.

ASDI helps the major companies in our industry deliver today‚Äôs greatest themed attractions, and for talented individuals ASDI is a bridge to a career in themed entertainment design.  We make a living creating themed attractions, and we thrive on helping people get into a position that will allow them to make the most of their skills and abilities.


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